• <b>Makeover: 10 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Look</b><br />
When it comes to beauty, changes don't need to be drastic in order to have major impact. We asked five industry experts for simple things we can do to refresh our look for the new year. <a href='/index.php/explore/post/2176' target='_parent'>Read the full story here</a>.
  • <b>News & Press: '2013 Best Beauty Buys'</b><br />
'InStyle' gave Oribe <a href='/index.php/products/view/63' target='_parent'>Shampoo</a> and <a href='/index.php/products/view/44' target='_parent'>Conditioner for Beautiful Color</a> the 2013 Best Beauty Buy Award for Color-Treated Hair, lauding their color-protecting abilities and their beautiful scent. <a href='/index.php/explore/post/2903' target='_parent'>Read the full story here</a>.
  • <b>Behind the Hair: 'Carmen Carrera'</b><br />
Oribe teamed up with photographer Steven Meisel and makeup artist Pat McGrath for a showgirl-themed editorial featuring celebrated model Carmen Carrera for the September issue of 'W.' <a href='/index.php/explore/post/3257' target='_parent'>Read the full story here</a>.
  • <b>News & Press: 'Best for Flat Hair'</b><br /> shared its favorite products for every hair type. The editors' pick to combat flat hair? Oribe <a href='/index.php/products/view/61' target='_parent'>Shampoo</a> and <a href='/index.php/products/view/46' target='_parent'>Conditioner for Magnificent Volume</a>. <a href='/index.php/explore/post/3193' target='_parent'>Read the full story here</a>.
  • <b>Behind the Hair: 'The Emancipation of Miley'</b><br />
Oribe gave Miley Cyrus a pop of bright color for her much-talked-about cover of 'V Magazine's' Summer 2013 issue. <a href='/index.php/explore/post/2939' target='_parent'>Read the full story here</a>.

Best of 2013

To celebrate the end of an eventful 2013, we rounded up your five favorite stories from the past year. Scroll through the slideshow above to see which articles topped the list.
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