"Bérénice Bejo"

Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, 2012

Hair by Cydney Cornell

For the 1st Annual Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, hairstylist Cydney Cornell took The Artist star Bérénice Bejo’s flowing locks and tucked them away for a more structured sideswept style. “I love to take long hair and create a faux bob,” Cornell said. “It really is like sculpting because you cannot have the outside of the hair look like it’s hiding anything. That’s the fun part!” Here’s how she got the glamorous style:

1. Cornell first steam-curled Bejo’s freshly dyed red hair (it’s for a new movie) to give it shine and movement with the least stressful impact.
2. After the hair cooled, Cornell removed the rollers and sprayed Dry between each unbrushed curl for what she called “an explosion of body from within.”
3. Cornell then began brushing through the curls at the nape and teased the hair to give it a base shape based on the natural movement and direction of the hair.
4. Once each section was in place with the right wave, Cornell set the look with Superfine.
5. She used large clips to help position the sexy shape in the back and let the hair settle into the look while Bejo’s makeup was done.
6. Cornell then pinned the back roll, keeping one said behind the ear.
7. The look was given a finishing touch with Imperméable. “This product is great for the final coat,” Cornell said. “It eliminates potential flyaways and keeps the hair looking a little moist instead of dried-out and overworked.”
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