Band of Outsiders

Hair by Duffy for Oribe Hair Care

“It all started with the hat,” said lead stylist Duffy for Oribe Hair Care backstage at the Band of Outsiders show. With every model wearing a knit turban cap during the show, a certain hair look was needed; a look that would be both whimsical and cool… the essence of the Band of Outsiders woman. Playing on the texture of the woolen cap and the knots in its design, Duffy created soft texture in all the models’ hair, then pulled the sides back and tied the hair into a low knot. The final look was very raw and organic but still beautiful. As Duffy explained, “If you saw this girl walking down the street, would you think she’s cool? That’s the look we were going for. It’s quite a lived-in look, something really you can do yourself.”

How to achieve this look:
1. Start with straight, clean hair and apply Volumista from roots to ends and Après Beach from mid-shaft down.
2. Diffuse hair with a blowdryer and scrunch with hands to create a broken dry texture.
3. Split hair into three sections, one on each side of the head and one in back.
4. Take the two side sections and pull towards the back of the head. Tie the sides together into a knot at the occipital bone, leaving the back section out. Secure knot with bobby pins if need be.
5. Put hat on and refine the shape by shifting the knot and pulling out some pieces in the front, adding more Après Beach if necessary.
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