Dec 7, 2010

"Head Masters"

Glamorous Updos Made Easy
"Updos are tricky - they can either make you look very old, or they can be incredible," says Oribe. Here's how he makes them sexy.

Prepare Your Hair
"If you have good texture, the updo should take two minutes to do," says Oribe. Teasing is one approach, but the right product can do it with less damage. Oribe uses his Dry Texturizing Spray at the roots when hair is dry (or all over for those with fine hair).

Pull Your Hair Back
Grasp it like you are going to pull it into a ponytail just below the middle of the head. Then twist with a U-shaped pin (you may need more than one if your hair is thick). Leave the ends free for a casual look, or tuck them in and pin for a more polished effect. "It's a French-twist kind of idea, but it should be simple." he says.

Mist It All
Spritz with hair spray to lock in the style, making sure to go with light-hold. "Not making it too hard with a heavy hair spray will give it a modern edge," he says.
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