• Kien Hoang created this sexy style that he calls perfect for Valentine's Day
  • Steven Schmidt says loose, healthy hair is the way to go this Valentine's Day
  • Coby Alcantar loves a romantic, Bardot-inspired blowout
  • According to Coby, a soft updo sets the tone for romance.
  • Coby thinks men's hair should have movement and be touchable.
  • Ronnie styled this Valentine's Day 'do for a client, finishing it with <a href='/index.php/products/view/1884' target='_parent'>Shine</a> Light Reflecting Spray

All You Need is Love (and a Little Product)

This Valentine’s Day, romance is in the hair. To help you prep for your big night with that special someone, we asked the Oribe Education Team to share their thoughts on sexy hair…and how you can achieve it. Read their suggestions below and scroll through the slideshow for some of their favorite Valentine’s Day looks.

What is sexy hair?

“Sexy hair is alluring, touchable and a little mysterious. The key is to give your hair shine, volume and bend while making it feel product-free…” – Adam Livermore, Three Squares Studio, New York City

“Hair that is full of body—high gloss and touchable with a lot of movement. Hair should evoke the senses.” – Kien Hoang, Umbrella Salon, San Jose, CA

“Valentine’s Day hair should be happy, curly and lustrous.” – Ronnie Stam, Muze Salon, New York City

“Sexy hair tells a sultry story of a woman or man who exudes a confidence that radiates. With each step they take, their hair has a soft, slept-in movement and bounce. Hair should be playfully inviting and easy to imitate.” – Ashley Brecken, Salon Marc Harris, Boston

“Sexy hair to me is defined not by what the hair has had done to it, but how it looks and feels in its natural texture. Healthy hair that is not overprocessed and not overworked is sexy to me.” – Steven Schmidt, Oribe Salon, Miami

“I think hair can be sexy in most hairstyles—short, long, straight, wavy—as long as it moves!
Letting hair fall naturally as you move is sexy. Even if the hair is up, style it so it does not appear stiff.” – Coby Alcantar, Marie Robinson Salon, New York City

What hairstyle would you recommend to a client for Valentine’s Day?

“For women, I see tousled waves hanging loosely down their back, like you’ve been at the beach for the day. Prep hair with Supershine, then apply Crème for Style. If you have fine hair, you can spray in Maximista from roots to ends for added thickness. Blow dry using a medium round boar bristle brush, over directing forward to give you lift at the roots. Next, use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to set 1- to 2-inch sections of hair from front to back using Soft Lacquer, pinning in place with a large bobby pin. Let your hair cool for 15 minutes after curling to ensure the proper wave has been set into place. Unpin and toss with your fingers, giving your scalp a little massage in the process. Finish with Dry or Après Beach...your choice!

For men, go for dreamy Patrick Dempsey-inspired soft waves. Apply Crème for Style, blow dry on medium heat with fingers to encourage any natural wave. When hair is 90 percent dry, add a little Fiber Groom throughout the hair with your fingertips to give it a bit more separation. Let it air dry the rest of the way.” - Ashley

“Start by running Crème for Style through your hair for volume, then mist it with Royal Blowout and blow dry. Set your hair with hot rollers or a big curling iron to give it a sexy curve, and run your fingers through it with Supershine Light for a silky, sexy, shiny finish. Let it move, bounce, swing, fall in your face...” - Adam

“Set hair with Soft Lacquer in the morning before work to achieve a beautiful head of curls. When you come home, apply Dry on your roots to get extra volume and put it up in a fun updo to show off your neck (it’s always good to show a little skin). Of course, you can add on red elements like flowers, ribbons and headbands.” – Ronnie

“Do a soft side parting and sweep hair over one eye to suggest a flirty feel. Bring the hair over to one shoulder and lightly spray Imperméable for light hold while leaving the alluring scent of Italian Bergamot and apple citrus. Tousle the hair with Crème for Style to bring out natural waves and create body and movement. To finish this effortless romantic look, add Shine.” – Kien

“You can’t go wrong with a full blow dry. For a Bardot-like finish, start with Volumista at the roots and Royal Blowout through the ends. For for a more amped up version, start with a base of Foundation Mist, Sculpting Cream at the roots and a couple drops of Gold Lust (coming soon) through the ends. Create a beautiful, voluminous blow dry and set with a few Velcro rollers on the top. Add some Dry at the roots, lightly back brush and detail with Après Beach to help deconstruct the look and give weight to the detailed pieces around the front. To mix it up, change the detailing product. Our new Rough Luxury Soft is awesome to define the bits without being too heavy.” - Coby

“This Valentine’s Day, show your hair some love by vowing to take better care of it. The proper Oribe shampoo and conditioner, masque and leave-in moisturizer like Supershine can help put your hair on the road to recovery. You should also avoid blowdrying it several times a week. Create a four-day plan for your hair to avoid damage caused by heat styling: a beautiful blowout that will last two days, a ponytail on Day 3 and a bun on Day 4. Use Dry to refresh, remove oils and add volume when necessary.” – Steven

What should you avoid on Valentine’s Day?

“Whatever you do, don’t use a lot of hair spray to set your style. Keep it feeling naked to the touch.” - Adam

“Stay away from untouchable hair. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that's meant to spend with the one you love, and the last thing you want is your partner going in for a steamy moment…and getting his or her hand caught in the cement you created on top of your head! Keep it soft, keep it sexy!” – Ashley

“My Valentine's Day no no? Over-produced, over-contrived, overdone hair. Fall in love with your natural texture using minimal heat and hot irons.” – Steven

“Lay off the curling iron and avoid those perfect vertical curing iron curls. They have had the spotlight for long enough. We can bring them back again later.” - Coby
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