All That Glitters

Shape Magazine, December 2015
Hair by Rodney Groves

Hairstylist Rodney Groves was all about the glitter, glitz and glam for Shape Magazine’s December 2015 “Go for Gold” feature where readers were encouraged to add shine to their style this holiday season. “This look is perfect for any celebration,” said Rodney. “It’s polished and chic while still giving off a festive sheen.” Ronnie Stam, Creative Director of Oribe Hair Care, ensures that endless New Year’s Eve envy can be created no matter what your hair color. “Gold Pomade adds warmth to blondes and redheads and a subtle shimmer to brown and black hair.”

Get the Look:

  1. Spray Volumista Mist for Volume throughout hair and blow dry.
  2. Use slightly more than a quarter-size amount of Gold Pomade and run it through the hair using your fingers, concentrating on the roots and top.
  3. Brush the hair back and away from the face. The pomade holds the hair back without making it stiff.
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