• Alexandra Goeseke Cervera of Cervera Real Estate
  • The luxury apartments at 321 Ocean
  • Zuma in downtown Miami
  • Casa Tua in the heart of Miami beach

Alexandra Goeseke Cervera

With all the wonderful restaurants, shopping, sights and activities we’ve highlighted the past few weeks in our Miami Guide, you might be thinking of making your visit to Miami permanent. We’ll make the moving process a bit easier for you and introduce you to Alexandra Goeseke Cervera, Associate at Cervera Real Estate, who can help you find your dream home in Miami. Below, take a look at the few neighborhoods she’s highlighted as well as a few places to visit and avoid if you’re going to become a true Miamian.

Where are the most in demand homes in Miami these days?

Miami is such a diverse community that every neighborhood has its appeal. That being said, the most in-demand properties are usually in Miami Beach. The most exclusive and limited amount of homes are located in Star Island and Indian Creek. As for apartment living, downtown Miami is ever growing because it has an NYC feeling to it given that it’s walking distance from restaurants, bars and, for many people, work.

Any new developments we should be keeping our eye on?

321 Ocean is an exclusive boutique building located in the famous “South of Fifth” neighborhood, also known as South Beach. It is only 22 apartments directly on the beach.

What are some of the best spots for business lunches? Dinners?

Business lunches are what I call power lunches. Powerful professionals dine at the best places. My favorites are Zuma in downtown Miami and Milos in South Beach. You never fail to see the right people there. As my mom always tells me: Never eat alone. Zuma is a great spot to have dinner seven days a week. Casa Tua is a small little house located in the heart of Miami Beach with amazing Italian food. I also like Il Gabbiano, it’s a traditional Italian restaurant with the best service, just like the ones you see in old movies. It also has a spectacular view of the harbor.

Is there any spot popular with tourists that a real Miami denizen wouldn’t be caught dead in?

Mangos, it’s a cheesy bar on Ocean Drive, and most of the places on Washington Avenue.

Where do you hang out when you’re looking to relax?

The beach is my true relaxation. I enjoy swimming in the ocean, the comfort of friends and a good glass of rosé. A great place that offers all that in one place is Soho Beach House.
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