• Photographer: Saryn Christina<br><br />
Model: Sharon T.K.
  • Photographer: Saryn Christina<br><br />
Model: Sharon T.K.
  • Photographer: Saryn Christina<br><br />
Model: Sharon T.K.
  • Photographer: Saryn Christina<br><br />
Model: Sharon T.K.


Jeanna Kier started as an apprentice, but now the LuxeLab and ArtLab hairstylist splits her time working as a color director at the salon and mentoring emerging talent. Jeanna’s work has appeared in publications ranging from Flaunt to Auxillary, and she’s using her editorial experience and her role on the salon’s extensive education program to break in the next generation of stylists.

When we caught up with Jeanna, she revealed why collaborating with her sister is so important, what Oribe told her to succeed and how she saved one of her recent shoots at the last possible minute.

What was the inspiration for your shoot “Juxtaposed”?

Gothic Whimsy…taking the literal approach. I have this ongoing joke about this image I saw in an editorial where this model was photographed holding a chicken. It was ridiculous, in that the chicken was so brown and ugly, and though the model was also individually kind of boring, she became so beautiful in the sepia tone of it all. It made her beauty stand out even more.

How did you and your team come up with the concept behind the shoot?

The idea always happens in a momentous spark of creativity. It's the result of the right creative minds coming together for the exact right moment. It's a phenomenon resulting from the love of one's visualization becoming a tangible reality in the form of a photograph.

My favorite projects are pretty much always a collaboration between my sister, Saryn, and I. Call it bloodline – call it what you want – but we seem to channel this energy in the prep of each shoot that eases everyone into their jobs with humility and comfort. And then we do what we do. I think we do it with a certain realness, and that's exactly what people here in L.A. find, let's just say…refreshing.

What mood were you going for?

For the model, avant-garde. A storm siren-like woman…moody but ethereal. For the setting, the Salton Sea area. Although once thriving, it seemed totally void of its former hope of being a Palm Springs-wannabe resort town.

What drew you to the models you cast?

We chose Sharon T.K. because she embodied the fierce beauty and dark nature of the shoot, and she is a lot of fun to have on set.

What music was playing on the set?

Odd Blood by Yeasayer.

What products did you use?

Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray, Volumista Mist for Volume, Dry Texturizing Spray, Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray and Superfine Hair Spray.

Any memorable moments?

We were running out of time and daylight for the second look, and upon being told that I had five minutes to get it done, I grabbed the three different red wigs I had on-hand (thanks and kisses to Oribe personally for that advice). I sprayed each quite liberally with Dry, then shoved them into Sharon's hair and furiously backcombed them…all the while standing on fish bones and fish heads, which were crunching beneath my boots. I love my job.

Your fail-safe product?

Dry…but Maximista Thickening Spray is my new favorite.

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