"Cold Comfort"

Details, September 2014
Hair by Andrew Fitzsimons

In its September issue editorial “Cold Comfort,”
Details celebrated the lush outerwear offerings that come with fall and winter. “The shoot was definitely based around fur and animal skin, so that was reflected in the hairstyles,” explained Andrew Fitzsimons. “I wanted the model’s hair to look as rich, luxurious and organic as the expensive coats and jackets we were shooting.”

Fitzsimons was also able to change the model’s look throughout the editorial shoot based on the outfit and mood, which, according to him, is sometimes rare on men’s shoots. “
Details is always forward-thinking when it comes to men’s fashion,” said Fitzsimons. “In turn, that let’s me push the limits of what I think men’s beauty is.”

Get the Look:
1. Prep damp hair with Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse and blow-dry the hair with a large round brush for volume.
2. Use Dry Texturizing Spray to make the hair malleable so you can sculpt it into different shapes and styles.
3. Once you’ve created the desired shape, apply Superfine Hair Spray to set the look. “This hair spray is still light enough for you to easily brush it out and create another style for the next shot,” tipped Fitzsimons.
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