"18 Pretty Celebrity Haircut Ideas to Take to the Salon"

Michelle William's Short Boy Cut
Oribe says, "use a pomade for separation and texture. Put it in your hands, rub them together and piece out your ends."

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Anna Faris' Blunt Bob with Bangs
Oribe says, "For the perfect length, keep your facial shape in mind. Oval faces can work a shorter bob. If your face is on the round side, get a cut that hits below your chin."

Leighton Meester's Long Straight & Layered
Oribe says, "For a face-flattering long hairstyle, ask your pro to add long layers around the front, and a few in the back."

Hailee Steinfeld's Super-Long Straight Hair
Oribe says, "Don't flatiron your hair more than a couple times a week - you don't want to kill it." This is how long, waist long hair should look: healthy, shiny and not a split end in sight.

January Jones' Midlength Cut With Layers
Exhibit A: her tousled, midlength bob. If your hair is fine, ask your stylist to snip a few layers like hers to help create the illusion of fullness" Oribe says. "But not too many or it will look like a shag." Skip the brush when you blow dry.
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